donderdag 22 januari 2015

My Summer time would begin very soon....:)My adventure to South Africa.

Hello,New 2015!
Hello,all my dear friends.:)
This year came for us with a very beautiful adventure to.....
South Africa!

I know,I know....It would be one of the most perfect time,full of full of new discoveries and particularly beautiful nature walks...........
as you might know, I am a great admirer of nature and extrimely big lover of photography!:)))*

Western Cape of  South Africa is a one of the Beautiful place on Earth guys.....:)

                  There are not photographs of me......not yet! These three are from Internet....
          It's so unusual to prepare own wardrobe for the Summer midden in the Winter season:)*
                                      And I must to say, it's very excited to do!

  Wish all of you no matter where you live fabulously good time,full of love,creativity,laugh and just     
                                                            pretty daily life!:)

                                                      Much Love,

woensdag 24 december 2014

Have a very nice Holidays and a Happy 2015!!!

Hello,my dear friends!
Hope your Holidays going very good!:)))

I wish for all and everyone full of LOVE,joy,smile and very meaningful,creative,kind,spiritual,perfect and brilliant New 2015 year!!!

Enjoy every day of your life!
Much love,